Security & Privacy

This policy is based upon the assumptions that:

  1. The property is your main residence and not used for any business purpose.
  2. The buildings are maintained in a good state of repair.
  3. The buildings are of standard construction i.e. built of brick, block or stone and roofed with slates or tiles.
  4. The property is secure and all external doors are fitted with good quality mortice locks.
  5. The property is not in an area at risk from flooding or subsidence.
  6. The property is not left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.
  7. The buildings and contents are insured for a value equal to the reinstatement cost and not market value.
  8. No insurer has declined or cancelled insurance or imposed applied special terms or conditions.
  9. No person in your household has ever been convicted of any offence other than motor offences.
  10. You declare that the above conditions along with all information supplied or any future information provided will form the basis of the contract between you, T&R Direct Insurance Services, and the insurance company you may be placed with

Motor Insurance Terms & Conditions:

T&R Direct is make getting quotes easier and for managing those quotes & purchased policies.

T&R Direct offers you great versatility to compare different combinations of our quotes when your shopping for insurance or when your purchasing a new vehicle so you can find the type of cover that suits you best.


We offer you;

  1. Instant online quotes
  2. Save multiple quotes to your own computer
  3. Login & retrieve your saved quotes

At any stage during the process you will be able to save your quote and call our call center if you need help finishing your quote or if you have any questions.

The information you give to save your quotes will not be used for cross marketing purposes, and is needed to retrieve your quotes.

We plan to expand the services available from T&R Direct and you can be sure that we will be constantly reviewing and improving the service to best suit your needs. Your feedback is always welcome.

Brass Band Terms and Conditions

The insurance provider and the insured named in the schedule agree that:

  1. The proposal and declaration (including any additional or supplementary information supplied) shall be incorporated in and be the basis of the contract.
  2. The insured will pay the premium.
  3. The Company will subject to the terms and conditions of this policy provide insurance under the sections specified in the schedule during the period of insurance or any subsequent period for which the Company shall accept the renewal premium

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